Cosmetic Tattoos By Dark Heart Ink

Amy, the proud Owner and Founder of Dark Heart Ink Artistry at Embellish PB, is a highly skilled makeup artist and cosmetic tattoo artist in the San Diego area. With a passion for redefining beauty standards and enhancing natural allure, Amy combines her expertise in Winged Eyeliner with her love for tattooing and makeup artistry. Through Dark Heart Ink Artistry at Embellish PB, Amy creates unique and personalized art that reflects her dedication and commitment to revealing the beauty within. đź–¤

Dark Heart Ink Artistry – Cosmetic Tattoos

Welcome to Dark Heart Ink Artistry at Embellish PB, where art, passion, and aesthetics come together to create unique and stunning cosmetic tattoos. As the Owner and Founder, Amy is dedicated to redefining beauty standards and enhancing natural allure through the art of cosmetic tattooing. With years of experience as a master makeup artist and collaborations with high-end brands, Amy brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to every service offered.



Offered to discuss any questions and concerns you may have.

Tattooed Natural Body Freckles


Tattooed freckles to add a natural look to your body.

Custom Fine Line Tattoo Artistry


Custom fine line tattoo artistry.

4-6 & 6-8 Week Touchup (Existing Clients)


Please reach out to me through text, or via email regarding on tattoo idea. Pricing varies on size on and location.

3 Permanent Makeup Services in 1 day


Combination of tattooed brows, eyeliner, and lip blushing in one day.

Permanent Winged Eyeliner


Suitable for those with large and tight skin without wrinkles around the eye area. In-person consultation required.

Permanent Top & Bottom Eyeliner


Smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-proof eyeliner that lasts 2-3 years.

Permanent Powder Ombrè Brows


Tattooed powder effect brows that add fullness and symmetry, suitable for all skin types.

Tattooed Natural Face Freckles


Tattooed natural freckles to add youthfulness to the face.

Tattooed Permanent Lip Blushing


Permanent lip color that adds fullness, corrects symmetry, and lasts 1-2 years.

Tattooed Natural Beauty Mark


Tattooed beauty mark on a specific area of the face for added attention.

Please call for a free consultation for an accurate quote

At Dark Heart Ink Artistry, Amy doesn’t just create beauty – she reveals it. Each service is meticulously crafted to enhance your natural features and bring out your unique allure. To book a service or for any questions and concerns, please reach out to Amy through text or email. She looks forward to embarking on this artistic journey with you.

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Safe and Proven

Cosmetic tattooing provides a safe and convenient solution by utilizing sterile, single-use tools, offering a semi-permanent alternative to daily eyebrow grooming and drawing.


PB Embellish, the epitome of supreme quality. Our dedication to fine details and unwavering adherence to excellence ensures the delivery of top-tier products.


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Our customers at Embellish PB absolutely adore our cosmetic makeup. The quality and variety of our products keep them coming back for more.