.:Eddie Kon:.

Amazing piercing experiences.
Adorning your spirit of renewal*
Aftercare with healing results.
TimeShift inward for the new You!
Daily Healing Practice.

Piercing portals of
Personal present moments
Piercing through your reality; Heal through… w/in\to New you!
Embellish your Momentum!

(PMA) Present Moment Awareness!
Positive Mental Attitude;

Mindfulness in healing
your new piercing.
A few moments daily
healing piercings
time immemorial…
DIY Care. Self Care. Do It for Yourself Care.

Eddie Kon

Piercing Professional

Experience the transformative art of piercing with Eddie Kon. Elevate your look and spirit through an approach that blends piercing with mindfulness, (PMA) Present Moment Awareness, and Positive Mental Attitude. This is more than just an adornment; it’s a journey of personal renewal that shifts your reality.

Embrace the power of self-care with a comprehensive aftercare program that encourages daily healing practices for optimal results. Don’t wait any longer to start your journey towards self-renewal. Take the first step on your transformative path today.

Eddie’s Portfolio

Hear From Our Happy Customers at Embellish PB

Read through the experiences of our valued customers and see the difference Embellish PB has made in their lives.

Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne
August 23, 2023
Came here off a referral for any jewelry piercing these are the guys to come to. Very knowledgeable in their approach on how to provide you with a great experience and high quality product. Eddie is awesome and Rebecca were amazing stop here for any and all piercing!!!
Sebastian Castañeda
Sebastian Castañeda
August 19, 2023
My girlfriend lost her nose stud and needed one quickly — so it doesn’t close up — and we ended up getting one for free here. Very friendly and helpful. Thank you!
Kimberly Jenkins
Kimberly Jenkins
July 17, 2023
Got my nips pierced here over a year ago and they are professional, equipment is sterilized, good prices & not that long of a wait. I will be going here for my next piercings!
Stephanie Bille
Stephanie Bille
May 22, 2023
Went to Embellish PB to get a second earlobe piercing last week. I was very impressed with shop and professionalism of the staff. My piercer was Ronnie. He took the time to talk me through the process, mark my ears, and let me make sure the placement was how I wanted it. When it came to the piercing, it was just a short pinch in each ear and it was done! Afterward, he took the time to review the after care process with me. I was also impressed that they ask you to come back for a follow up visit 6 weeks later to see how the piercing is healing as well as swap out for shorter posts. (I've never had that for my or my daughter's piercings.) Overall, I would highly recommend this establishment!
Danielle Zrelak
Danielle Zrelak
April 16, 2023
Make an appointment, it makes it easier for you and them!! Great experience! My daughter got her nose pierced, and it was a very positive experience. Thanks guys!!
Gage at The Gold Bar
Gage at The Gold Bar
April 8, 2023
Friendly and clean with quality jewelry.
Maurisa Smith
Maurisa Smith
March 24, 2023
Amazing staff! Extremely helpful and the piercings turned out beautiful
Katy Rogondino
Katy Rogondino
March 23, 2023
I had a great experience here. Very professional. Nikki helped me pick out some jewelry for my conch piercing and she put in some stacked hoop earrings in my lobes. My earlobes have been stretched but I didn’t want gauges anymore and I wanted something easy that is a more permanent option. So she suggested the stacked hoops. I’ll definitely be back.